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The Alberobotics technologies are being extensively applied in public as well as private research and development projects. Some examples are detailed below.

The Centauro Robot

The CENTAURO robot is the result of more than 10 years of evolution in the field of legged mobile robot design, which has also spawned the renowned COMAN and WALK-MAN robots. The CENTAURO robot is a hybrid legged/wheeled bi-manipulation system that can overcome gaps and obstacles, but attraverses levelled terrain most efficiently using wheeled locomotion. It is entirely powered by the Alberobotics integrated actuators.


  • torque sensors in all joints

  • hybrid wheeled-legged locomotion

  • > 10 kg payload per arm

  • > 60 kg payload on the back

  • powerful and impact resilient

  • rich 3D sorround sensing system

For more details, check out the IEEE Robotics Automation Letters publication regarding CENTAURO.




Legged | Wheeled | Hybrid


Robots are not only expected to move around to passively observe the environment for pure inspection tasks. Their true value emerges from their capabilities to also to actively manipulate remote environments for maintenance purpose. 
The depicted example is a 5 degree-of-freedom system, which was designed as a contribution to a project with the Istituto Nazionale Infortuni sul Lavoro (INAIL). It is powered by the Alberobotics integrated actuation technologies.


  • Underactuated modular fingers
  • Compliant finger structure and transmission
  • Phalanxes with contact pressure sensing
  • 4kg payload
  • Pinch grasp
  • Power grasp
  • Grasping and operating power tools


A human size and weight compatible biped robot has been developed within the scope of the the European Comission Research and Innovation Action under grant agreement 644727 (ICT-23-2014 Robotics). The robot is entirely driven by Alberobotics soft- and hardware technologies.


The Centauro was born within the European Comission Research and Innovation Action under grant agreement 644839 (ICT-23-2014 Robotics).

 Alberobotics is a Technology Transfer Project carried out in the Humanoids and Human Centered Mechatronics Lab of the Italian Institute of Technology.


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