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Reconfigurable Robots

Alberobotics reconfigurable hard- and software systems are natively developed to be reconfigured within minutes. They can be flexibly adapted or even entirely repurposed for varying industrial applications. 


Conventional Robots are members of a carefully developed product line-up. Each robot in this line-up adresses a certain range of applications. Its shape and properties remain fixed for the entire robot life.

Modular Robots, rather than being part of a fixed product line-up, are customized by combining standard components. They can be tailor-made with low effort for even niche applications, serving those purpose for their entire life time.

Reconfigurable Robots are neither part of a fixed product line-up nor do they serve only a single purpose for their entire life time. While they are also composed of standard modules, these modules are explicitly designed to be frequently and rapidly connected or disconnected. They are intentionally made to be recombined with other modules in different applications and for different purposes.

Few Modules, Endless Solutions

  • Zero Lines of Code

    Alberobotics modules recognize and configure themselves.  Hand-guiding and interactive adaptation  replace writing any line of code. This facilitates the  co-creation of solutions by the integrator and  the End-User.

  • Swap & Return

    Anyone capable of assembling an IKEA shelf can exchange the modules due for maintenance. No need to for an on-site service technician. Swap them within a minute and return them to us.

  • Tailor-Made for You

    Alberobotics modules enable the integrator to rapidly tailor customized  long-reach or low-profile, ample strength or highly  dexterous robots  fitting any environment. Faster deployment at lower cost.

  • Plug & Play

    If the task changes, so does the Alberobotics  solution. The plug & play hardware  are reconfigured  within a few minutes. Software modules reconfigure themselves and the system responds to the new requirements.

  • Pay Per Use

    Alberobotics modules lend themselves to pay per use and subscription based distribution models, which lower the financial risk for the end-user and simplifies the ROI calculation.


In the offline approach, a user sets up a robot with our reconfigurable modules in the virtual environment of our Alberobotics Composer Studio. The user selects modules from a library, assembles them toform a mechanism that is immediateley visualised in 3D. 

The more pragmatic user might prefer an online approach to assemble the robot from real physical modules. This gives more immediate impression of the size and shape of the mechanism. Potentially this user also directly assembles the modules in the eventual operating environment and sees how it fits without modelling the entire workplace in CAD.

No matter which approach a user might select, the workflow is the same. Once the user has assembled a set of modules in a desired configuration, our Operating System automatically reconfigures the entire software architecture on-the-fly, generating mathematical models of both the robot kinematics and dynamics and updating the controller architecture.